Activities You Can Do With Your Dogs

Dogs are arguably the best of man’s all-time friend. This way, dogs definitely deserve more treatment than just pets. There are a number of ways in which you can engage your dogs in activities. Dogs are very active learners and participants in various activities if engaged. They observe everything you do whether you are aware or not They immediately try to replicate what you have don. If engaged actively, dogs can do so much. There are many activities you can engage your dog in.

Take your dog out
The pet loves active engagements. Walking with your dogs gives them the exact physical engagement they need while improving your bonding with the pet. You can give it a treat to further improve the experience and bonding.

Agility activities
The most interactive activities to engage your dogs is in agility practices. Train and practice regularly on various agility activities such as hurdle jumping, beam balancing, climbing of structures, weaving poles and teeter-totter among others. It increases bond and keeps your pet fit.

Go hiking
Although not everywhere you will be allowed to go hiking with your friendly pets, make an attempt. Hiking is highly engaging and a good thing healthwise and psychologically. Take your pet with you for such an amazing experience.

Play Flyball
This is highly engaging physically. If your dogs love playing with balls, this is their gam. Let your dogs race in teams of up to four. Set the launcher well and just wait and see how your dogs enjoy the game.

Play Frisbee
This involves a lot of jumping. Ensure that your dogs are fit for the exhaustive gaming. Acquire the throwing disc and release them for your dogs to go for them. Participate actively to see the best from your pets.

Water scenery view
Have you got a water vessel? Take your dogs with you. Improve the bonding with your dogs as you let them refresh. Move across the water body and let you all enjoy the sea creatures. Dogs enjoy such scenery so much.

Water surfing
Do you know whether your dog can surf? Take control of the water and try it out Dogs learn very fast and they never sink. Limit the water mass and make meaningful practice before going into full swing.
About swimming? Do you think your dogs can swim? All you need to remember is that dogs do not sink. However, take control of the swimming. You need to monitor the amount of water and the dogs’ fitness level through the correct gadget. Can you shower with Fitbit charge hr? Yes, they are all water resistant and therefore can be used in this case.

Tracking with your dogs
Play hide and seek with your dogs? Yes, entice your pets to go looking for items. This can be combined with nose work but can also be played alone. This is very engaging and dogs like just that. Something that engages their bodies and minds.

Dogs like racing. Take your pets for a racing event or plan your system to have some racing for your dog. It is highly refreshing and fitness booster.

There are many activities you can engage your dogs in both for bonding and for fitness. Know your dogs’ preferences and then provide them with the best opportunity to do them.

Are Fast Foods Good For Dogs?

Research once revealed that “one of every six” households in the United States tend to feed their dogs some form of fast food. Sure, dogs need to eat when hungry, but that does not mean they should be allowed to feast on just about anything, especially not fast foods. Dogs should not even be fed leftovers. Dog owners may not realize this, but even commercial dog foods can be regarded as fast food because they tend to be heavily processed.

Considering that junk food and fast food is not good for human beings, it is not good for dogs either. There several reasons why you should not be feeding these mass-produced foods to your canine friend.

They Will Make Your Dog Addicted To Junkfoods
If you have never fed your dog such foods, you will be much better off not doing so. Dogs that consume such foods can potentially develop a craving for them. They may even stop eating food that is healthier for them in favor of such unhealthy foods.

They Will Make Your Dog Obese 8, Overweight
One of the reasons that dogs find these foods tasty is because of the high-fat content they contain. Unsaturated fat is certainly as good for dogs as it is for their owners, but fast foods only contain unhealthy, monosaturated and saturated fats. Much like humans, this can lead to obesity in dogs, especially those that are not very active and spend a lot of time indoors.

They Will Make Your Dog Diabetic 8, Sick
Another reason humans find these foods so flavorful is because they tend to be rich in processed salt and sugars. Both processed salt and sugars are bad for dogs as they can make them ill, leading to detrimental health conditions like dehydration, diabetes, and excessive urination.

They Will Poison Your Dog
Perhaps you already know that you should not feed your dog chocolate because it is toxic to them. However, mass-produced also contain ingredients that may be equally toxic to your four-legged friend. Such ingredients include garlic, onions, paprika, raisins, salt, and many others.

Dogs cannot process such ingredients they human, which is the reason they are likely to experience allergic skin reactions and gastrointestinal reactions as a result of consuming such foods. Side effects of such reactions include lethargy, shaking, seizures, vomiting, and in rare cases, it may even lead to their death.

They Will Not Provide Your Dog Adequate Nutrients
In addition to the dangers, feeding junkfood to dogs will not fulfill their nutritional requirements since these foods tend to be full of empty calories and low in the essential nutrients that canines require. A dog may seem content and satisfied after eating such foods, may is likely to grow weaker and suffer from health problems over the course of time.

Junkfood is bad for you, but it is worse for your dog. As unhealthy as they are for you, they may not cause the same problems for you that they are likely to for your four-legged friend. So, whether a great portion of your diet consists of such process and mass-produced foods, or you just like to order them every now and then, avoid sharing it with your dog(s). These foods are not only bad and unhealthy for them; they are also potentially dangerous and toxic.

Tips On How To Easily Train Your Dogs

Training a dog is not a task that you just wake up and do. Although, you have to acknowledge that there are some of the things that you can do repeatedly to a dog to a point that it just masters what you tell them. Before you make a point of training a dog, there are many considerations you have to put into the account. Some of them include:
– The age of the dog
– The species of the animal
– The IQ levels

Just like a human being where the level of mastering content differs. Here are some of the few tips you need to consider when training a dog:

Train one instruction at a time
The brain of a dog is not like that of any other mammal. First of all, they have a very low concentration span. It means that you have to make sure that you spend a lot of time to just make sure they master one instruction at a time. When you mix a set of instructions you create confusion in the brain of a dog. While doing this, you have to be creative to check whether he masters fast or slower that is when you know if the dog actually takes instructions.

Be consistent in language
You may know different languages, that is yours. For the pet, you just have to use one language and the best way is to use a language that is common for everyone in the home. If you try many languages, he may not know exactly which one to use and in that manner, they may have a set of different instructions. Use the power of repetition for the dog to get used to the language.

Use signs to emphasize an instruction
In as much as you expect the dog to understand verbal communication. Training a dog is efficient if you also input the use of signs. It makes them relate the instruction with the action. Just like teaching the kindergarten kids, you just have to add the instruction with some action, like sit, jump, go among others.

Make good use of the strong sense of smell
A dog has the most sensitive sense of smell. You can always bring different scents just to come in handy to differentiate the diverse smells. That is not enough, you can also use this to show them the best and the worst smell such that if they come into contact with any of them then he can always alert you as the owner.

A dog is not just a pet but it is also your guide. whichever the function, just ensure that you teach them the right manners for them to become friends rather than an enemy. Have you visited your friends’ house and just get disgusted by the behavior of the pet dog? That is a result of poor training. Imagine if this was your dog? You need the patience to make sure the dog gets the right training, if you lack the time then you now need to get the services of an expert who is excellent enough to train your dog.