Owning a four-legged friend is more beneficial than you can imagine. Studies have proven that being a dog owner can do you more good than harm, as you’ll find out in this article.

If you’re not yet a dog owner, you’ll get more than enough reasons to get yourself a pet companion.

Adults, according to health experts, require at least two hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise on a weekly basis. With a dog under your care, you’re more likely to hit this goal as a dog owner.

According to the director of an animal advocacy organization (PAWS) in Washington, Kay Joubert, people love spending time with their dogs, especially when taking them for walks. It’s a great way for you to live an active life.

Walking your dog also benefits your health, especially if you’re approaching the 70s or 80s.

Based on a study published in the Gerontologist journal, older adults who take dogs for walks benefit from reduced limitations of the daily activities they can do, lower body mass index, frequent moderate to vigorous exercise, and fewer visits to the doctor.

Other benefits of being a dog owner include:

  • More exercise and keeping physically active
  • Improving heart health
  • Losing weight
  • Reduced stress
  • A better social life
  • Prevents loneliness to add purpose and meaning to your life
  • Fights depression, especially in people living with HIV
  • Prevents allergies
  • Reduces visits to the doctor
  • Fights diseases and injuries

If you’re a new dog owner or planning to get yourself a pet friendly, here’re a few things you must have to care for your new family member:

20 Dog Essentials Every New Dog Owner Must Have

  1. Spare leash

Make sure your pet has an extra leash for a rainy day. You never know when you may need one urgently.

  1. A pet first aid kit

You’ll need this kit in case your pet requires emergency care. Although the kit comes with basic essentials, you can customize yours to specifics you’ll need.

  1. ID tags

A personalized ID tag will help your dog get home quicker if it gets lost or escapes. Worn on a flat collar, the tag safeguards your pet 24/7 even in emergencies, including earthquakes and fires.

Get one for your dog even if it’s micro-chipped.

  1. Flea treatment

The flea can easily sneak into your home and attack your pet. Buy chewable, collars, or medication flea treatments to keep your pet flea-free. Although you can buy them over the counter, opt for vet-recommended options for effective results.

  1. Harness

If you intend to use a leash on your dog, you’ll need a harness for better comfort and security of your pet. Choose from different collars and harnesses to find one that’s suitable for your dog.

  1. Coat wipes or paw wipes

Get wipes to remove dirt, allergens, and other stinky dirt from your pet when there’s not enough time for a full bath. Wipe your dog’s coat or paws to eliminate dirt or soil.

  1. Longline

Don’t leave your pet to run free when picnicking in off-leash areas. You need a long line (15 to 33 feet) to keep your pet secure while still giving them enough room to play and run. Make sure your line is weather-proof, waterproof, durable, and non-tangle.

  1. Odor and stain remover

Use enzyme-based cleaners to remove stubborn odors such as urine from your home, including pheromones your dog may return to remark.

  1. A coffee maker for the connoisseur dog owner 

With a reasonable budget, you can invest in a good espresso machine to enjoy and relax after taking your dog for a walk.

If you prefer a coffee maker you can use in just one touch, compare Gaggia anima and deluxe prestige machines for what suits your styles and needs.

  1. Exercise pens and baby gates

Create a safe dog zone in your backyard using pens and baby gates. They keep your dog safe when away from home and still allows them to stretch and exercise freely. They keep your pet away from the door.

  1. Car-to-harness seat belt

Pets can cause distracted driving and get injured during a collision. Therefore, get your furry friend a seat belt if you don’t like the idea of using crates when going for a drive. Use it in the back seat for optimal security.

  1. Belly bands

Choose the right band for your dog; they’re gender-specific.

  1. Dog diapers

If your pet is experiencing incontinence issues, get yourself a pack of pet diapers to save you from constant cleaning.

  1. Light-up gear

Do you intend to go for walks at night? Light-up gear is made as LED necklaces to illuminate your dog at night. They’re available as reflective:

  • Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Leash lights
  • Vests
  1. Pet toys

Pets require toys and treat such as the Long Classic to keep them active. With lots of options for puzzle toys, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get a toy your pet will like.

  1. A strong dog crate

Crates are versatile in pet care. You may use them to designate pet areas in your home. A portable crate with soft sides can easily hold your pet for increased safety during short drives.

  1. Poop bag refills

Find compostable bags or any other type to manage your pet’s poop.

  1. Dog hairbrush

Pet grooming is important for caring for your dog. A gentle and versatile brush can also remove fur off your rugs, couches, and car upholstery.

  1. Pee pads

Potty pads can save the day whether yours is a senior dog with bladder issues, a puppy still under training, or you’re living in a story building. The latter makes it difficult for your pet to access the outdoors, hence the need for pee pads.

  1. Treat pouch and treats

Organizes your dog’s treats, especially if your dog is under leash skills training. Choose grain-free, ethically-sourced dog treats that are healthy and tasty.