Dogs are arguably the best of man’s all-time friend. This way, dogs definitely deserve more treatment than just pets. There are a number of ways in which you can engage your dogs in activities. Dogs are very active learners and participants in various activities if engaged. They observe everything you do whether you are aware or not They immediately try to replicate what you have don. If engaged actively, dogs can do so much. There are many activities you can engage your dog in.

Take your dog out
The pet loves active engagements. Walking with your dogs gives them the exact physical engagement they need while improving your bonding with the pet. You can give it a treat to further improve the experience and bonding.

Agility activities
The most interactive activities to engage your dogs is in agility practices. Train and practice regularly on various agility activities such as hurdle jumping, beam balancing, climbing of structures, weaving poles and teeter-totter among others. It increases bond and keeps your pet fit.

Go hiking
Although not everywhere you will be allowed to go hiking with your friendly pets, make an attempt. Hiking is highly engaging and a good thing healthwise and psychologically. Take your pet with you for such an amazing experience.

Play Flyball
This is highly engaging physically. If your dogs love playing with balls, this is their gam. Let your dogs race in teams of up to four. Set the launcher well and just wait and see how your dogs enjoy the game.

Play Frisbee
This involves a lot of jumping. Ensure that your dogs are fit for the exhaustive gaming. Acquire the throwing disc and release them for your dogs to go for them. Participate actively to see the best from your pets.

Water scenery view
Have you got a water vessel? Take your dogs with you. Improve the bonding with your dogs as you let them refresh. Move across the water body and let you all enjoy the sea creatures. Dogs enjoy such scenery so much.

Water surfing
Do you know whether your dog can surf? Take control of the water and try it out Dogs learn very fast and they never sink. Limit the water mass and make meaningful practice before going into full swing.
About swimming? Do you think your dogs can swim? All you need to remember is that dogs do not sink. However, take control of the swimming. You need to monitor the amount of water and the dogs’ fitness level through the correct gadget. Can you shower with Fitbit charge hr? Yes, they are all water resistant and therefore can be used in this case.

Tracking with your dogs
Play hide and seek with your dogs? Yes, entice your pets to go looking for items. This can be combined with nose work but can also be played alone. This is very engaging and dogs like just that. Something that engages their bodies and minds.

Dogs like racing. Take your pets for a racing event or plan your system to have some racing for your dog. It is highly refreshing and fitness booster.

There are many activities you can engage your dogs in both for bonding and for fitness. Know your dogs’ preferences and then provide them with the best opportunity to do them.