Bend, Oregon businesses are known for supporting their local shop and encouraging them to recycle and be as sustainable as possible – Dawg Grog enjoys sharing the local eco love as well!

We keep as many as possible of our material and service providers local – bottle labels, printing and stickers, custom boxes, screen printing, website design, graphics are all done within 20 miles of Bend. Dawg Grog also ventures to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. The local brewers’ wort that serves as our main ingredient is recycled, as it would otherwise go to waste at the local breweries if we did not take it. The bottle, label, and custom shipping boxes are all recyclable as well.

Dawg Grog also sources all of our packaging materials when shipping out online orders by saving the paper, packing peanuts, air bubbles, etc. that come with our supply purchases and by asking some local businesses to set aside their extra packing materials that are to be recycled for them to reuse for our shipping needs.

Dawg Grog is proud of being an ecologically responsible company that supports other small businesses in the Central Oregon community!

Remember that Dawg Grog is also 100% vegetarian – we do not support the harming of other furry friends to make our doggie brew!