Welcome to table tennis sport. For many persons, table tennis is not just a sporting activity but is an active lifestyle and a way of associating with friends and pets. It provides a great chance to relax and have fun. Are you feeling frustrated and depressed? Then let’s play ping pong. Table tennis can be played by two or four people. Playing against an animal like a dog can be more exciting and full of fun.

Basic requirements to play table tennis with a dog. You should have the following key things to play table tennis with your dog

  • A table tennis ball or two
  • Table tennis paddles
  • A good table tennis table

How to play table tennis with your dog and the whole gang. Give the dog the tennis paddle to hold on the mouth and stay on the other side of the table. Hit the tennis ball over the 1525 net on the tennis table to the side of the dog. The dog hits the ball back with a lot of violence. Hit the ball with high power and the dog will shot back to you directly with similar power. You can play using the following styles two wing hitter, penhold looper, one wing looper, blocker, and the classic defender to win in your games. The primary objective of the game is to win more matches which are made up of odd numbers of games and make sure to be the first one to win 11 points in each of the game. The best table tennis tables for dogs. Are you looking for the best ping pong tables to use while playing the game with your dog? Here are the best tables you can use and will serve you well

  • a) Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis table. It is a recreational table that you can fold and can be used for both indoor and outdoor table tennis games. Its playback feature gives room for a solo game.it is quick and easy in installation and it can be adjusted with its four legs levelers for setting up on uneven surfaces also with long-lasting 3″ wheels having brakes.
  • b) Stiga outdoor table tennis table. The table has a surface that has powder paint which gives it a corrosive resistance feature. It has an aluminum belt on its perimeter for rigidity and safety purpose during the game. Stiga outdoor table is a perfect choice for your outdoor table tennis games with your pet and even for the training.
  • c) Joola Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set It has durable wheels with good braking systems. It does not require a lot of space for storage purpose. The surface is thick and helps in the great bouncing of the ball. The table is the best choice for both the recreational players as well as the professionals in the tennis game.


In conclusion, dogs are the best pet which if well trained can play table tennis even better than man. It does not matter which is the best table in the world the dogs have a significant advantage due to their natural abilities and instincts better than man. You can educate your dog to be your best table tennis opponent, and you will have a great rival.