Training a dog is not a task that you just wake up and do. Although, you have to acknowledge that there are some of the things that you can do repeatedly to a dog to a point that it just masters what you tell them. Before you make a point of training a dog, there are many considerations you have to put into the account. Some of them include:
– The age of the dog
– The species of the animal
– The IQ levels

Just like a human being where the level of mastering content differs. Here are some of the few tips you need to consider when training a dog:

Train one instruction at a time
The brain of a dog is not like that of any other mammal. First of all, they have a very low concentration span. It means that you have to make sure that you spend a lot of time to just make sure they master one instruction at a time. When you mix a set of instructions you create confusion in the brain of a dog. While doing this, you have to be creative to check whether he masters fast or slower that is when you know if the dog actually takes instructions.

Be consistent in language
You may know different languages, that is yours. For the pet, you just have to use one language and the best way is to use a language that is common for everyone in the home. If you try many languages, he may not know exactly which one to use and in that manner, they may have a set of different instructions. Use the power of repetition for the dog to get used to the language.

Use signs to emphasize an instruction
In as much as you expect the dog to understand verbal communication. Training a dog is efficient if you also input the use of signs. It makes them relate the instruction with the action. Just like teaching the kindergarten kids, you just have to add the instruction with some action, like sit, jump, go among others.

Make good use of the strong sense of smell
A dog has the most sensitive sense of smell. You can always bring different scents just to come in handy to differentiate the diverse smells. That is not enough, you can also use this to show them the best and the worst smell such that if they come into contact with any of them then he can always alert you as the owner.

A dog is not just a pet but it is also your guide. whichever the function, just ensure that you teach them the right manners for them to become friends rather than an enemy. Have you visited your friends’ house and just get disgusted by the behavior of the pet dog? That is a result of poor training. Imagine if this was your dog? You need the patience to make sure the dog gets the right training, if you lack the time then you now need to get the services of an expert who is excellent enough to train your dog.