Daniel Keeton launched his business in the summer of 2012 with one idea in mind, to supply the dog-friendly community of Bend, Oregon with a delicious and nutritional liquid treat. Living in Bend since 2001, Daniel’s love for craft beer and dogs spawned an idea – Develop a liquid treat for dogs that incorporated the craft beer side of things while having a nutritional value specifically for dogs. Knowing that hops are poisonous for dogs and that dogs don’t process alcohol like us humans do, Daniel discovered that the brewer’s wort, made in the primary process of beer making, would make for a delicious base for his product. The brewer’s wort with the addition of K9 vegetarian glucosamine and a trace mineral supplement would make for the ultimate liquid dog treat.

What is Dawg Grog?

Dawg Grog is a delicious and nutritious liquid treat for your dog. Dawg Grog is made from brewers wort (or malted barley water) from Boneyard Brewery, vegetarian k9 glucosamine, vegan trace mineral supplement, and Oregon mountain water. Dawg Grog is 100% vegetarian and uses either vegetarian or vegan ingredients – none of our other furry friends were harmed to make this brew for our four-legged friends!

It comes in 8 oz. pints with the following suggested daily serving sizes: 4 oz. for a large dog (over 55 lb.), 2 oz. for a medium dog (25-55 lb.), and 1 oz. for a small dog (under 25 lb.). Dawg Grog can be served over their dry or wet food, with their water, as a liquid treat by itself (instead of a bone, etc.) or even frozen into cubes for those hot summer days. It can be kept in the refrigerator after opening for 7-10 days.